Non Destructive Testing of Concrete

Non Destructive Testing of Concrete

Our non-destructive scanning of concrete is designed to evaluate the concrete structure to ascertain whether it is safe to excavate the slab or structure.


Our highly trained technicians perform non-destructive scanning on the concrete slab surface and structures designed to provide the most in-depth analysis of both residential and commercial concrete structures. We use the highest quality of equipment available to analyse and evaluate a concrete structure which gives our customers piece of mind that only accurate results are provided.

Why is non-destructive testing of concrete structures needed?

Concrete is one of the most popular construction materials that are currently being used for residential and commercial projects around Australia. We rely heavily on their strength and stability to support floors and walls within any homes or buildings. Our non-destructive scanning is designed to ensure that the structural integrity of the concrete slab or structure is not compromised when penetrations are made into the slab. By scanning the concrete slab or structure we can confirm the safest positions to excavate or core into the slab. GPR or Ground Penetrating Radar is by far the best way to scan a concrete structure.

Non-destructive scanning is also useful to find both ferrous and non-ferrous objects i.e. services, post tensions cables, etc. in the slab as well as locating voids in the concrete structure.

How is non destructive testing done?

There are various methods of scanning and it is dependent on what sort of structure or sub-surface is being scanned, what it is being scanned for and how quickly are the results needed. All our non-destructive investigations of concrete slabs and structures can be undertaken with our state of the art scanning equipment that can give immediate and accurate results. This process requires us to scan a concrete structure or slab before any plans are made to excavate the slab.

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