Non Destructive Testing of Concrete

Our non-destructive testing of concrete can assist in locating underground cables, pipes and voids.





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Sydney Concrete Scanning Services

Our concrete scanning services are designed to provide exceptional quality concrete slab scanning. Our full range of services are suitable for any residential or commercial construction site. Our team of slab scanning specialists are undertake constant training to ensure that we are providing the best services to our clients all year round.

Rebar/Steel/Mesh Locating

Locating reinforced steel bars (rebar) in concrete slabs is crucial when sawing and core drilling concrete. The concrete structure is weakened when the steel is severed thus avoiding or cutting minimal steel ensures that the structure maintains its integrity. 3D scan surveys can be undertaken.

concrete scanning services pipe locating

Cable and Pipe Locating

Pipes and electrical cables are often embedded in the concrete slabs, walls and other sub surfaces. Locating these services is very important before you plan to core drill, excavate or cut. Scanning the area to be penetrated can save lives and keep site costs down ensuring that services are not severed. We locate cables and pipes in concrete as well as all other sub surfaces.

Concrete Thickness Investigations

Using GPR to scan the concrete structure also provides images showing the top and bottom of the slab. Once the GPR scanner has been calibrated for the structure being scanned we can determine the thickness of the slab across the scanned area. This is useful to determine structural integrity and other quality related features.

Optimal Core Drilling Positioning

By first scanning the concrete structure before core drilling we can position the holes so that we avoid damaging the reinforcement steel or at the very minimal ensure that the least amount of steel is cut when core drilling. This ensures that the concrete structure maintains its structural integrity. 3D scan surveys can be undertaken.

Post/Pre Tension Cable Locating

We cannot stress the importance of locating pre and post tension cables in concrete slabs before penetration. The consequences of cutting through highly tensioned steel cables is devastating as the cables unleash a tremendous amount of energy when cut causing the concrete to explode. Any workers in the vicinity can be killed or severely injured when such a catastrophic event occurs.

Ground Sub Surface Mapping

By using low frequency GPR ground scanners, we can scan large areas to locate services, voids, tunnels and other features within any subsurface. We then digitally process the scanned data, which is then exported to a .DXF file that can then be imported into most CAD packages and superimposed onto site plans/site maps. The data can be further manipulated to output the scanned features for overlaying onto Google Maps. This provides a digital view and record of the survey for future reference.

Concrete Structure Investigations

By locating and defining the rebar (reinforced steel bars) in the concrete it is possible to ascertain the quality and integrity of the concrete structure. This is particularly useful when trying to establish whether the steel reinforcement in a particular concrete structure conforms to specification. 3D scan surveys can be undertaken.

Void Locating

GPR is useful for detecting voids within a concrete structure. Voids will weaken any concrete structure and therefore it is crucial to ascertain whether voids are present within the concrete structure.

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